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Knotted Rosary from Rwanda

Knotted Rosary from Rwanda

Each rosary was hand-knotted by one of the twelve Project LIGHT Ambassadors from Rwanda. These are amazing young adults who have grown up as orphans from the Genecide.

They come together in a group to sing, dance, and pray before they start knotting. Then as they tie each knot, they pray for the health, well being and abundance of the person who will get the rosary.

The rosaries are made from 100% cotton cord and are a soft mauve color.

All proceeds from your purchase go to fund the Rosary Project.

$14.44 US Dollars



Project LIGHT Ambassadors in Rwanda learning to hand knot rosaries

For the pilot project, Lori Leyden brought together the thirteen Project LIGHT Ambassadors in Rwanda. They sang, danced, and prayed together, then sat down to learn how to hand knot rosaries.

On the table are the supplies sent for the pilot project that included instructions, twine, and everything needed. We even sent Rosary tshirts for everyone.

They loved it! The project is a success.

We taught them to pray for the health, well being, and abundance of the person who would receive the rosary as they tied every knot. You can feel the energy of love flowing through the rosaries.

When the envelope arrived with the rosaries, we cried with joy. Kimberly felt like a mother proudly witnessing the creative endeavors of her "children." Some were perfect and others were very precious learning experiments.

You can specify one of these by saying, "I want a special rosary" in the Special Comments line of the order form. While the crosses on these are a little funny, and some of the knots are missing, the love pouring out of them is extraordinary.

Woman on the street looking at Jean Baptist's rosaryLori has just returned from Rwanda with the second batch of rosaries. Jean-Baptist and Etienne made most of these rosaries.

That's Jean-Baptist on the right. He was wearing his rosary out on the street where he lives and a woman stopped him. She wanted to see the rosary!

Etienne is attend the University.

The money they received from knotting rosaries is helping to support them.

Our objective is to fully support at least two of these future leaders. You can help by buying rosaries for your friends!