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Pearl Rosary with a Ruby Heart

Pearl Rosary with a Ruby Heart

Our Reverend BPearl and blown glass heart rosary by Rev. B Carleton is a master beader. Not only that, she is a prayer master and receives the purest angel messages.

She prayed over each bead for the one who will receive this rosary. Love radiates from the radiant pearls and sparkling crystals.

The decade beads are large white Pearls.

Ruby Swarovski Crystal 4 mm bicones are the separate beads for the Glory Be. Silver links connect the beads.

The central section is hand wire-wrapped. At the end is a hand-blown heart with ruby, pink and clear swirls in the glass.

This one-of-a-kind rosary sparkles and twinkles with a radiant light of love. B's prayers are palpable.

$45.00 US Dollars