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Rosary Readings
Rosary Day 18: Lisa and Akushi

Rosary Day 18: Lisa and Akushi

November 18, 2012


I have a special treat for you today.

As the days of Come Home to Love has fallen in place with such beauty and grace, we left open a few opportunities to share something of the history of Bring the People Back to My Love Rosary.

I felt guided to share this recitation with Reverends Lisa Clayton and Akushi Angel because it is so filled with love and intimacy.This was recorded on Day 10, August 18, 2011, of our first rosary cycle with The Angel Ministers.

You are a part of our Sacred Community. This was recorded in our Sacred Sanctuary of Love outside of time and space. That means that as you listen, your soul is there with us in the eternal now. We are all present together in that Holy Moment.

At the time of the recording I could feel other souls, but I didn't know who they were. It's you! Your soul was with us outside of time and space. At the soul level, we know each other. We are a part of the same soul group. We love each other deeply.

Let yourself melt into that love as you listen. We are One.

To learn more about Lisa and Akushi, click the "Minister Directory" link above. You'll find us all there.

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Rev. Chai Kim's Pyramids

You'll hear Lisa talk about the Lotus and Love pyramids and invite you to enter.

Rev. Chai Kim from Malaysia is a master at designing Light Language pyramids. The Lotus Pyramid contains the energy of purity and divine wisdom. It takes us from the lowest to the highest energy very quickly. The stack of the lotus represents the unbreakable relationship between the hearts and souls of members in a family.

We are a soul family. We are connected. The Lotus Pyramid helps us to re-connect through our souls and to our hearts.

We will post the pyramids for you to download and use shortly.