Day 9: Dedicated to Shairese ­ Rosary Readings ­ Bring the People Rosary

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Rosary Readings
Day 9: Dedicated to Shairese

Day 9: Dedicated to Shairese

November 9, 2012


I just learned that our Pastor Ericka's daugher Shairese died last night. This news came as quite a shock.

In honor of Shairese, Pastore Ericka and her family, I pulled a recording from our archive of Ericka and her beloved husband Lee Gray reading the rosary. This was recorded on March 24, 2011. That is Ericka and Lee in the picture.

You'll hear Ericka share the message she received that:

"God will always protect us and meet our needs,
even when we don't understand."

I am reminded of how precious and fragile life is. Make today worth living by loving someone deeply.

We extend this dedication of love to all families who have lost children.

Go to the Prayer Room and pray for those in need. While you are there, request a prayer.

With love, Kimberly


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