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Rosary Readings
Day 7: Rosary Reading with Kimberly and Paula Marie

Day 7: Rosary Reading with Kimberly and Paula Marie

November 7, 2012
Pre-recorded with The Angel Ministry


I'm frequently astonished by the flow of events when we are in the embrace of spirit.

Paula Langguth Ryan was scheduled to read the rosary with us today, but she has no voice! We'll get to catch up with Paula next week.

Today, I felt called to share with you a treasure from our Angel Ministry archive from Day 7 of our first rosary cycle. This reading was recorded on August 15, 2011.

I'm leading the reading with Rev. Paula Marie Smigun resonding. Paula Marie is an amazing woman who has been a pillar of The Angel Ministry since it was a twinkle in the hearts of the angels. That's me in the picture, anointing Paula Marie for her ministry.

In this recording, you get to know Paula Marie and many of the other Angel Ministers through their sharing. As you hear the names, click on "Ministers Directory" on the menu bar above to learn more about them.

You'll also hear about Rev. Chai Kim Lee's Love and Healing Pyramids. As soon as I can, I'll post up the pyramids for you. That's Chai Kim's voice you'll hear when I talk about using the pyramid. Chai Kim is a master at focusing the power of Light Language for specific purposes, like Love and Healing.

With love, Kimberly


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