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Rosary Readings

Past Events

November 2012
November 18:
Rosary Day 18: Lisa and Akushi

Lotus pyramid, Love pyramid, we are all connected through the unbreakable relationship between our souls

November 9:
Day 9: Dedicated to Shairese

Pastor Ericka and her husband Lee Gray read the rosary. Shairese is their daughter.

November 7:
Day 7: Rosary Reading with Kimberly and Paula Marie

Angel Ministers read and share the rosary, and Rev. Chai Kim's Love and Healing Pyramids

November 5:
Day 5: Rosary Recitation with Kimberly and Karen

Karen Tax reads Eric Butterworth's interpretation of The Lord's Prayer to start this rosary reading

November 5:
Day 4: Rosary Recitation with Ursula and Velma

Rev. Ursula from Switzerland and Rev. Velma from Louisiana

November 3:
Day 3: Rosary Recitation with Kimberly

Recorded November 3, 2012

November 2:
Day 2: Rosary Recitation with Jodi Cross

Recorded November 2, 2012

November 1:
Day 1: Rosary Recitation with Akushi and Cathy

November 1, 2012. Recorded