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Post Your Prayer

Do you need prayer support?

The Master said, "When two or more are gathered in my name, there am I among them." The purpose of our Prayer Room is to join together in prayer to help each other, bringing more love, healing, clarity, and peace into our world. Prayer is powerful. Many studies have documented the power of collective prayer.

"Give your heart the gift of life, fill it with unconditional love" through prayer.

Enter your prayer here. Start with a title that briefly describes your topic or need, then write your prayer or describe your request in the larger box below. It may help to start with a description of the problem. From that, let your heart write your prayer or your request.

Start your own 31-day cycle of prayer and share your daily prayers, experiences, insight, and miracles here to inspire others so "that our world may glow in the energy of eternal Love."

Posted prayers will be read by our Prayer Ministers and many others in our community who will pray for you and your situation. We encourage you to share your prayer to help others in similar situations. Your prayer also benefits those who didn't have the courage to enter a request. Collective prayer is powerful.

You may also post prayers for others, for global needs and situations.

Is your prayer request too personal to post? Then check the "Private" box and only a prayer minister will see your prayer and pray for you.

After you have entered your prayer, open your heart to receive a response. Millions and trillions of angels are here to answer your call. the response could be instantaneous! Take the time to connect with your angels and receive. If you don't know how, just ask for help.

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