Reverend Saxon Knight

Reverend Saxon Knight

We have told you always to come from the heart, trust and allow what you have to say to flow. You know all there is to say - the Seraphim Angels

My journey

I came here to this life with great expectations for the journey ahead, rejoicing in the adventures and experiences I would have that would allow me to understand not only myself but the world around me.

All this could have ended when I contracted polio at 6 months old for very little was known about this disease and much less about the aftercare needed.  When I was a child people with disabilities were normally placed in institutions regardless of the degree of their disability or their age and rarely given a decent standard of education.

Therefore their prospects and expectations for a full and active life - enjoying all the things life has to offer like a satisfying career or a loving partnership were severely limited not just by the disabilities themselves but by the lack of opportunities and possibilities open to people with a disability by the physical and emotional limitations put in their path by society.

Although my parents and I had a very poor relationship - devoid of love and attention my mother insisted that I went to a “normal school” with “normal children”. I will always be grateful for this action for it gave me much better opportunities and adventures than other people I had met through disability groups I was forced to attend.

At an early age I had to use my strong sense of determination and willpower to succeed in even the small things of life as my mother believed I should not be spoiled or pampered so I could be independent. If I wanted something I had to learn to do it myself and yes this was hard in a small toddler but I am so glad that I had this opportunity to develop and maintain my courage and strength as I have needed these attributes throughout my life.

As a child I was not aware that I was in any way different and I just got on with life accepting what there was to accept and dealing with the challenges of life as they came towards me. I honestly believe that it is the way we look at life that determines our success or not. When we see ourselves as worthy, successful, happy and content this is the way others see us.

This is how I spent my youth blissfully unaware of any difference. I was unique in a way - for in the area where I lived, although there were many disabled people in society as there are now - they didn’t have the freedom that is available today - at least not in my experience.

Maybe because I was so young or maybe because I had decided to experience this way of living I don’t know and frankly I don’t really care - I have always thought of myself as the way I am. I have always seen my disability as an essential part of me, not a punishment or a lesson to learn from a past life time, but a way to experience who I am. It is a way I can inspire others, it is an outward expression of who I am showing my vulnerability, strength and challenges.

My childhood was far from easy and not always carefree for my parents were not at all compatible and my mother’s expectations were never met. When I was 9 there was a very unpleasant separation and eventual divorce with a great deal of violent arguing and in the end my father left.

Although my childhood was unpleasant in many ways I realized later in life that she was searching to find happiness in the only way she could by trying to find love and a sense of worth to escape her childhood experiences. But she couldn’t understand that the best way for her to have felt love and was through her children.

The only place I felt safe, relaxed and happy was in the moments I was not in the family environment. I grew up without any understanding of what it was like to living in an intimate loving relationship where you felt nurtured, nourished and respected for who you are without judgment.

I spent a great deal of my childhood in the huge ancient woodland near my home and it was here that I first experienced the amazing supportive and loving devotion of the Seraphim Angels. I felt safe and experienced a sense of belonging and protection. I didn’t know then what I was experiencing but now I recognize it.
It seems we create a new pattern a new blueprint from the one we originally arrived with. That one would have been full of hope, excitement and anticipation for what was ahead. But through the battering we receive through the words, actions and thoughts of others we believe we are somehow broken and imperfect.

With my new pattern established I pushed away boyfriend after boyfriend until I found a perfect match for who I thought I was. He was an emotionally challenge man who could not show affection. His childhood had also been starved of love and affection and had also had to deal with all the struggles of childhood on his own. He was angry, resentful and targeted all this inwards until it burst out in a torrent of rage and verbal abuse.

When I look back I have no idea why I clung on so tightly to this relationship as if my life depended upon it as if I could not exist without it. It wasn’t out of love – it was fear who was I without this kind of relationship.

I had two children quite by chance before the disastrous marriage ended. The years we were together cemented for me all my worst fears I had about myself and how I was not able to be loved. But still deep within me was the courage and strength I had developed as a child and although when we were together I felt small and insignificant through his actions and words when I was in the company of others I was confident, respected and adventurous.

I had the enormous and wonderful privilege of bringing up my two children on my own and though it was difficult through lack of money they brought me such joy and happiness and we spent a great deal of time in laughing and having fun.

I found it easy to love them and to share myself with them without restriction – something I thought I could not do. There was no fear in loving them no judgment or criticism - just acceptance from all three of us. This was the greatest experience of my life so far.

Meeting with the Seraphim Angels

My spiritual journey began years ago although I had no idea that I was searching for inner peace and my spiritual pathway. I don’t really like the term spiritual but for now there does not seem to be an adequate alternative that explains the search to find the elusive answers to such questions as “Who am I?” and “What am I doing here?”

Although it was years before I realized it, I had always had a strong bond with the Seraphim Angels receiving their guidance, support and loving devotion. They have taught me to recognize who I am, not who I thought I was. I have learnt how to look from a different perspective and to look for opportunities and possibilities even within circumstances I found painful. This expands your life and gives you freedom because you are no longer imprisoned in limiting beliefs and you start to experience yourself as something more.

It took me years to realize what I wanted to do. I spent years and years searching through every avenue I could think of. Learning new techniques and philosophies but somehow they never felt right. Each time I thought this is it I have found what I am looking for but something within the teachings didn’t feel like me and so I would move onto something else.

I began looking at spiritual teachings around 1999 and learnt about tarot and crystals and healing. I also went on courses to develop mediumship and other related experiences. Although I was quite good at receiving messages within the circles I found they lack the depth and wisdom I was looking for.

I had been receiving messages for some time when I relaxed or meditated but was unable to remember them and I was looking for a way that I could learn to find out where these messages were coming from and how I could develop this. All the while the angels waited for me to get it right. One day I was searching the internet and come across an abundance of sites about angels and one in particular caught my eye. Or shall I say I was directed to it. This was the website of Kimberly Marooney the Director of the Angel Ministry where I trained for a year.

I began the Angel Ministry in 2009 and in the very first session I received a message and wrote it down. I was amazed - it wasn’t very long but there it was. My first message without being in meditation and I had written it down. This was such a breakthrough for me and the relationship developed from there and within a year I had enough messages to write my first book.

My relationship with the Seraphim Angels is an experience, as a living breathing part of me, I can feel them, I can feel the energy of love within our communication. It is not a relationship outside of myself – it is as if we are one.

Over time we have created a bond, a partnership and within this partnership not only can I hear their guidance, support and wisdom which are created into books, healing power statements and the powerful Seraphim Healing Blessings but I can also feel the vibration of love they want others to receive.

They have taught me that for me to be able to achieve what they are asking of me it is not enough for me to just receive the healing energy and transmit it to others. The unique part of me that is the Divine within is the way this energy is transmitted to others – I give this part to each one as well – my strength, courage and determination that I have developed is also part of the healing.

How Can I help you?

If you are looking for love and inner peace this is where I can bring the powerful healing of Divine love to your life. Mostly we look for it in the wrong places – we have to find it within ourselves first and then everything else becomes a reflection of who we are. It is from the inner strength and love we have that we can receive all our desires.

Although life will always have its challenges and struggles when you come from inner strength, passion and an expansive viewpoint you can see much more clearly and obstacles and barriers become easier to negotiate. We are not meant to struggle and suffer as much as we do - most of it we create ourselves.

We all came here fully equipped to embark on our exciting adventure but along the way we forgot why we are here. Circumstances and general life encounters get in the way and we become embroiled in a life directed by others. Believing what others tell us about who we are, what we should think and how we should act. Forgetting in all this that we have all this wisdom available to us about how things really are and that by basing our lives on our strengths and our uniqueness – in other words finding out who we are and not a copy of someone else or an extension of an organized philosophy we can begin to find inner peace and then through this happiness and abundance in all areas of our lives.

When we can live in this way our thoughts are compassionate, generous, kind and full of love not only for others but more importantly for ourselves. Within these thoughts we create a harmonious blessing that radiates from within us out to the world. Our thoughts are powerful and resonate far beyond ourselves. Beautiful loving thoughts create a beautiful vibration of melody and vibrant color that affects everything around us. On the other hand when our thoughts are full of pity or anger for ourselves or others we add to the energy that keeps us small and limited.

The Seraphim Angels have come to show us how powerful we really are and how each one of us can contribute to our world by the simple act of being who we are.

When you sit in meditation or spend time in relaxation or even enjoying the fun and laughter of a loving relationship with friends and family you create peace and love and this allows you to connect with the energy of love. Within this connection you can feel an indescribable contentment, a tremendous feeling of ecstasy and knowledge of the powerful healing force of Divine love all around you.

The Seraphim Angels have come to be a bridge so you can access the love that exists within to the Divine that exists all around you.  In this way you can bring the intense awareness you received in these moments of bliss into your daily life.

The Seraphim bring you the experience of connecting your worlds into unity so that you can see opportunities around you because you are connected at all times to the compassionate, kind and loving part of you.

It takes courage to take the steps needed to be in union, because you have to leave behind all the things that you have held dear to you even if they made you suffer. You understand them, they are safe. You are being asked to step out of your comfort zone into a more expanded version of you and to see things from an entirely new direction.

It takes strong intention – you have to want to do it – you have to want to be this new you without all the baggage that you are dragging around like a comfort blanket. Holding on to it really tightly – afraid of what might happen if you drop it.

Sometimes straightaway and sometimes gradually over time you begin to open up to possibilities and become happier and people notice the change.

It means you can deal with life in a more calm, relaxed way instead of running around panicking and lurching from one disaster to another.

The Seraphim Angels know you cannot jump straight into Divine bliss from where you are now - so the bridge they are creating will take you to the place of your inner strength. You can grow and expand from there. You can begin to make decisions based on the truth of who you are, unafraid and full of confidence.

Living a life of prosperity and abundance in all areas and if you desire it wealth.

They are creating a stage upon which you can play with the forces of the universe.
I am able to share this Divine love through working with the Seraphim Angels that creates a bridge of light to allow others to unite with the real world, their true selves and also unite them with the world of limitation and barriers contained in beliefs about who they are.

This is carried through the stream of light and sounds that surrounds each one of us.

We all seem to separate our lives into spiritual and the rest of life but it is all one world. It is not enough to go into a meditation and experience joy, bliss and ecstasy and then move back into the world where you are stressed, worried, anxious and filled with dread, lacking confidence in yourself and feeling lack in all areas. When you can connect the two worlds so they become one you can then live as a human but see through wisdom and compassion from the loving beautiful part of you.

This is what the Seraphim are bringing us; the ability to connect, to become whole, to no longer question who we are and what we are to do or how we are to live our life - for we will know. 

This is what the Seraphim have said about this:

It is because these worlds have become separate and it is believed they are not compatible - that being spiritual is somehow more than your human demands, desires and needs. But you cannot live in your world in true happiness if you do not combine all parts of you. You as a spiritual person will still enjoy fun and laughter, appreciate beauty in all its many forms and embracing others in love and trust. The spiritual part of you – is you – it contains all your desires both human and higher awareness.

You cannot live only as a human or solely as a spiritual person – one will always languish and pine for the other.

Many who are following a spiritual path and appear to be enlightened, who may have many supporters, students and believers - are not in fact connected and still live in two worlds – one within and one without.

Enjoying all there is to enjoy - music, love, wealth, possession, laughter and fun - but seeing and acting through the wisdom and understanding of the true self. When you can allow yourself to be all of you – your life begins to move into harmony and balance, you see from a new perspective, you relax into love and trust yourself.

It is time now for all those upon the earth to experience the joys and delight of a spiritual vantage point and transform doubt, worry and dread into assurance, courage, strength and joy.

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I understand that everything I have experienced so far has expanded me as a person, made me strong and courageous and allows me to have empathy for others. This empathy ensures that I can feel and respond in a loving and generous way that makes others feel valued and respected.

I know that when I allow my life to flow, it ways works out much better than I expected. When I can trust completely and passionately and have no doubts in which direction I should go or what action to take or not to take. I have been able to achieve results far exceeding anything I could have imagined.

People often ask how do I know that this message is from an angel and not from my vivid imagination. The answer usually is well an angel message feels loving, is uplifting and encouraging and this is true but I wanted to be absolutely sure.

I am determined, passionate and will not take no for an answer so I wanted more than this for an answer. So in the beginning I asked if this is really an angel message I want proof. I always got it. I would receive an email or go to a website or read a book or watch a video and there was my answer someone else was verifying this for me. So if you are not sure and need proof ask for it don’t accept anything anyone says - ask for proof.

Remember life is about a journey. Take it one step at a time and enjoy the adventures and excitement along the way. Look for the opportunities and possibilities in each situation for the things you can be grateful for the things you are glad about even if it is really, really small. Get into a habit of being happy and enjoying life, laugh a lot.

With much love - Saxon