Reverend Nancy Fudge

Reverend Nancy Fudge

Location: Odessa, ON, Canada
Phone: 1-613-386-1426







"What drew me to the Rosary was the tactile feel of the beads while I prayed as opposed to just saying prayers. I touched each bead, said the prayers and felt a blanket of peace enveloping me. I know that others who say the Rosary will share this love and peace." -- Nancy


I have a very special calling, not only minister to people, but also to the nature realm and in particular, animals. Through animal communication, I give animals a voice.

Angels, I believe do work through animals, as they teach us unconditional love, how to care for others and how to trust in the universal soul plan we all have. Some spirit guides come to earth, as animals, to work alongside their humans. I have found that humans, who are on an enlightened path, attract "animals" who are highly evolved.

My other mission on earth is to live everyday with an open heart, filled with peace and love. I wish to empower people by helping them to reach out to their angels. Angels are truly God's messengers of love.

Nothing is too small or too great for the angels but we have to ask. They will not step in until we ask but when they do come into our lives, we are always changed for the better.When we partner with the angels, we become the light beings God intended.

I offer people an in depth understanding of the partnership they have with their animals and the lessons learned. I offer people a better understanding of how angels help keep them on their soul's purpose....their Divine mission.


  • Animal communication in all areas such as death & dying, behaviour problems, illness etc.
  • Grief counseling
  • Angel readings
  • Reiki healing
  • Prayer healing
  • Angel home blessings
  • Baptism and naming ceremonies
  • Guided meditation
  • Rosary recitation