Reverend Chrissy Cook, ARC, ACC

Reverend Chrissy Cook, ARC, ACC

Location: Mid-Coast Maine, USA
Phone: 207-557-2819









I AM a Dream Doula, an Intuitive Channel, an Energy Shifter and a Lightworker. I consider myself a catalyst for transformation and a Rainbow Bridge to Spirit, helping others to create positive shifts and radical changes in their lives.  I AM a student and a teacher.  But, most importantly, I AM a Divine Human who is the perfect vessel to house my amazing Spirit.

It is part of my Life Purpose to help people to become aware of the blocks that are preventing them from manifesting their Hearts' Desire by shifting their energy and raising their vibration to resonate with MORE, so that they can create the life of their dreams. 

A Doula is a facilitator of the birthing process.  As a Dream Doula, I accompany those who connect with me on their journey of renewal and rebirth, shifting and transforming negative energy into positive channels of Peace, Love and Harmony.

On this journey, we bypass the ego and clear ALL pockets of fear and negative emotions triggered by the experiences of life and emerge reborn into the truth of who we really ARE!

It is a tremendous honor and gift to serve those in need and to make lasting and meaningful connections. There is a tremendous sense of empowerment in knowing that by assembling groups of like-hearted individuals who have become aware of who they really are, that we can collectively change the World!  We are the Tipping Point! We are the ones that we have been waiting for!


Sacred Circles, Angel Reader, Angel Counseling