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Open Your Heart to Love

Our planet, and all life on it is pleading with us to move into Love--to open our Hearts to the Divine flow of spirit that connects us all. Many of us have spent many years doing the work to achieve this opening of the Heart Center that is being called for, now. For those who have not started, or who are only partway down that path, we don't have years for all of us to get there. We are at a tipping point on this planet, one that demands immediate action.

How can that shift into Heart-centered energies happen, now, and in time? This show brings you three wonderful and very "connected" guests to introduce to you a global prayer initiative whose goal is just that--bringing us back to Love. In its initial runs, it has already created great shifts in many lives!

Join me, Rev. Chris Oldham, as we learn more about this from these three amazing women:

Rev. Paula Marie Smigun, OMC; Rev. Velma Alford, who also holds a BA in Transpersonal Education from Gateway University; and Rev. Lorraine Sklenar-Janos, Manger of the Rosary Project; all members of  The Angel Ministry--founded and taught by Rev. Kimberly Marooney, Ph. D.

To find out how YOU can be a part of the Great Shift, now, join us for this Sunday’s episode of The Awakening Heart, on Blog Talk Radio!

Here are the details:

Date/time: Sunday, February 19th, 2012 at 5:30 pm EST.

Call-in line to listen and join in the conversation: (760) 283-0833

To listen live online: