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The Invitation

Mother Mary invites us - the Children of Light - to expand our divine service.

In the third decade, we are invited to "pray to the altar of love every day for one full month, 31 days to be exact" for our desire.

The "altar of love" refers to Divine Love from the Source or God. It can also refer to Jesus' Sacred Heart.

Accept this invitation from Divine Mother and say this Rosary daily for 31 days. After each recitation, sit in meditation and listen deeply within for your divine plan to unfold.

You might want to have a special journal dedicated to this practice. Each day, make notes on what you sensed or received.

Be alert in your life for miracles bringing the resources you need to fulfill your divine calling. Make notes in your journal about your experiences, synchronicities, and miracles, too!

Invite your friends to recite the Rosary with you and meditate together with open hearts to receive the presence of Spirit.

Mother Mary, Jesus, God and the angels are waiting for you!