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31-day Rosary TeleSummit

31-day Rosary TeleSummit

November 1 - December 1, 2012

Mother Mary has asked us to host a 31-day cycle of daily readings with our new Rosary for the Children of Light.

This Rosary opens the door for miracles. In our previous 3 cycles, the most amazing things have happened!

This time, in addition to daily Rosary readings, we will also interview guests each day. Leaders in spirituality and love they will be.

Check back often for updates. Kimberly just received the invitation and set the dates. The rest will be coming soon!

After we set the dates, in an amazing act of spontaneous confirmation, Kimberly received a "Weather Report" from Stephanie Azaria saying that Mother Mary and Archangel Rapael are thought to be twin flames. The following is paraphrased from that report:

On August 22, the Sun went into conjunction with Regulus for the first time in 25,920 years. This happened in the sign of the Healer/Mother.

I don't know much about astrology but that gets me excited!

Regulus is known as Archangel Raphael. The fifth emerald green ray is now activated in a very new way, providing options for wellness and manifestation into the new world of anything that can be embraced.

Regulus is a fixed star and thought of as the "regulator" of our higher consciousness. It's time to nurture our Selves, our visions, our bodies, our dreams and be ever ready to go with any expansions that arise.

Our Rosary cycle couldn't have come at a better time! We are in for a wild and amazing ride.

The Children of Light are the souls who embrace God and love. Is that you? Mother Mary and God the Father are asking the Children of Light to come together in a big way. There are millions of us.

This cycle of the Rosary is an open invitation to you, a Child of Light, to connect with like-minded souls.

Please join us.

We'll tell you how soon.