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Heal Religious Trauma and Fear

This Rosary is a precious gift given to us to heal religious trauma and fear. It's purpose is to unite people of all faiths and beliefs resulting in profound healing and connection. At the core of our souls is a passionate love of Love. Allow this Rosary to "bring you back to Divine Love."

Each time you recite this Rosary, you are causing a ripple that affects our entire world. Your voice joins with others so that the Rosary can be heard echoing through the hills and valleys, and across the plains around the world bringing healing, peace, forgiveness, love and oneness.

Recite this Rosary to receive healing, forgiveness, faith, courage, guidance, love, oneness, peace, and everything you need to hear and manifest your soul's calling. Give as you receive. Share the love, the experiences, the miracles and your soul with the people in your life as you add to the glow in the energy of the Mother's love.

There are no rules for this Rosary. When said in the morning, the day seems brighter and miracles happen. At noon, the effect is wonderfully restorative. When read at night, sleep can be deep and peaceful.

It is recommended to read the Rosary aloud when possible, and then open to receive the response to your desires. The reading and 5 minute meditation take about half an hour.