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The Origin of this Rosary

The Origin of this Rosary

In the summer of 2010, Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney felt compelled to co-create a rosary. For months, she searched for versions of the rosary and practiced them. There have been many times in Kimberly's life as a Protestant and spiritual seeker that she needed something like the rosary to express devotion and seek guidance during life challenges.

Guided in prayer and meditation, Kimberly compiled Bring the People Back to My Love Rosary from scripture and inspired messages received in prayer by herself and Reverends Jodi Cross and Penny Goode.

This devotional is for people of all faiths and denominations, inviting us into experiences of love and oneness that are far beyond anything our minds could imagine.

The five Rosary decades represent our ascension into love, peace and intercession with Spirit.

For the first three decades are to be read as if God the Father or Mother Mary are giving us direction. For the first two decades, we pray with Mother Mary. The third decade, we pray at the altar of Love. In the fourth decade we pray to the Father. The fifth decade, we pray with the angels, Mother Mary, Jesus, and the Father.

Prayer and meditation time afterward allow for the descension of Spirit into our lives.

Following the recitation, listen within to receive a response to your personal prayers as the inspiration of the Holy Spirit flows through you to guide you on it's descent into in your life.


The Catholic Rosary

Hands with beadsThe Catholic Rosary is one of the most wonderful examples of devotion in any faith. The Latin word rosarium means "rose garden" or "garland of roses" referring to the spiritual pleasure and joy that become available during devotion.

The term rosary refers to the use of prayer beads to count a specific series of prayers that make up the devotional practice.

Many different spiritual traditions use a variation of prayer beads. By freeing the mind from counting, the devotee is able to meditate on the "Mysteries" or readings of sacred scripture that form the substance of the devotion.


The Gift of Divine Love

Rev. Nancy Fudge in prayerMother Mary invites us to open our hearts, bodies, minds and souls to Divine Love. Her Immaculate Heart shows us the way to a rich inner life of joy, compassion, virtue, and love for God and her Son as we discover the beauty in our souls. She reminds us that her Son is present and available to us now and always.

From this perspective, Jesus' work is to bring the people - us - to the Eternal Love of the Heavenly Father. Jesus' Sacred Heart overflows with love for humanity.

Holy Mother invites us to continue this work as we bring the people to her unconditional and total love. It is her wish that we share this love so that our world "may glow in the energy" of her unconditional love.

Your personal experiences with Mary and Jesus are more important that traditional teaching. Allow your inner life to develop through your own mystical experiences. We are all capable of direct personal experiences with The Divine.